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No.1 Alien Girl with Flower by z-stellmaria No.1 Alien Girl with Flower :iconz-stellmaria:z-stellmaria 3 1 Lonely autumn tree in Carpathians by Sergey-Ryzhkov Lonely autumn tree in Carpathians :iconsergey-ryzhkov:Sergey-Ryzhkov 204 7 Alien world by streamweb Alien world :iconstreamweb:streamweb 277 18
Her Name is Mary
I was about to close up and hang the sign on the door when the knock came, timid, as though it wasn’t quite sure that it wanted to be heard. For half a heartbeat I thought of leaving it unanswered, but no matter how late the night, turning custom away leads only to hunger; so I opened the door, and found before it a woman, with a large oval mirror clutched to her breast. It was an older piece, framed in tarnished silver, but her eyes were what caught me: large and dark, and almost frightened.
She hesitated a moment on the doorstep, until I waved her inside. “Come in,” I said. “Are you selling, then?”
She shook her head, setting the mirror down carefully, face-down, on one of my end-tables. “Only as a last resort,” she said. “Do you do repairs?”
The question startled me, and I checked in the midst of closing the door. “Generally not,” I answered at last, but closed it all the same. “I resell antiques, Miss –
:icongdeyke:GDeyke 56 46
How to Stop Planning and Use What You've Got
Article cowritten by ShadowedAcolyte and neurotype.
We've chosen to present this in bullets. The first few are ways to tell when your planning has gone too far; the rest are how to get past that.
Featured literature was chosen for its ability to present exposition: good pacing, tantalizing hints, etc.
How do I know I've planned too much?
When you can't hold it all in your head.When you can't explain it without a long-winded summary."So you've planned X. How will you reveal X to the reader?" If you can't immediately think of a good idea, it's probably overplanned.
Volume: how much of your story is world-building/backstory?
Properly spaced, you could get up to 10% world into a story without ruining the book (e.g. for an epic fantasy or something else not set in a place readers will immediately recognize). The rest should be happening now.If the setting is much more familiar—like, Everytown, USA, it could easily be 1% backstory.
:iconneurotype:neurotype 238 136
Self-Revising + Self-Editing Resource Feature
:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletgreen:[Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Purple][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Green][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Purple][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Green][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Purple][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Green][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Purple][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Green][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Purple]
One of the most frequent things I encounter with writers, especially storytellers, is people treating Revision and Editing as though they’re interchangeable words for the same process. Well…
As an example, allow me to share a wonderful experience I had in one of my first creative writing courses:
It was a requirement for the final portfolio that students “Revise” their work. During discussion of this, one student asked,
:iconblackmanaburning:BlackManaBurning 24 15
Beginning Of The End by Cambion-Art Beginning Of The End :iconcambion-art:Cambion-Art 759 44 The Dreams We Held and Let Go by scarlet-dragonchild The Dreams We Held and Let Go :iconscarlet-dragonchild:scarlet-dragonchild 1,034 95
What Lies Beneath
The patter of small feet rang through the sunlit alley as Morane ran towards the edge of the village. The sun had just begun to rise and she knew people where now heading out to the fields while she was nearing the forest.
Morane knew she was still too little to have to help her parents and siblings. They left her with her old Grandmother while they worked, but Gran always fell asleep again as soon as Morane’s parents left.
The little girl with the honey locks always waited a few minutes before she slipped out of the house.
But she went whenever she could, for Morane had a great secret.
A small, blonde imp skipped happily through the forest, feeling the soft summer grass underneath her bare feet. The trees looked grand and old, the bright sun sparkling through the foliage. It was light and airy and inviting.
Morane knew the woods had a different face too. They could be terribly frightening, dark and foreboding and full of rustling shadows. Her older brother had taken her t
:iconjenlafayette:JenLaFayette 33 32
The little house of nowhere by Annabelle-Chabert The little house of nowhere :iconannabelle-chabert:Annabelle-Chabert 331 43 Tempest. by Tooga Tempest. :icontooga:Tooga 504 54 Ida Emean - Gwent Card by akreon Ida Emean - Gwent Card :iconakreon:akreon 3,917 87 Projeto Arquivado by Wesley-Souza Projeto Arquivado :iconwesley-souza:Wesley-Souza 1,577 434 Cubed Cakes by CubedCake Cubed Cakes :iconcubedcake:CubedCake 808 60 Windows by freMDart Windows :iconfremdart:freMDart 75 24 Good morning planet! by arbebuk Good morning planet! :iconarbebuk:arbebuk 1,714 51

Newest Deviations

    To many, becoming a travelling trader wasn’t considered much of a life. Lola disagreed. Ever since she was a little girl, Lola knew she would follow in her father’s footsteps and become a trader. There was nothing better than feeling the wind in her hair, walking in unknown lands and bartering goods. Not to mention Lola loved crossing paths with travellers undergoing their own quests. Which was why Lola and Sanderson, her white tiger, welcomed three tired looking travellers to share a meal.
    Lola wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “You’re planning on doing what?”
    The teenage girl beamed. “We’re going to cross the Eastern Desert.”
    Lola turned to the two men. “Is Kara serious?”
    The younger man, Jonah, replied, “Deadly.”
    “You do know people call the Eastern Desert the Desert of Doom for a reas
:iconwishingunderthatstar:WishingUnderThatStar 1 2
Babe With The Power
    Shoving the book in the demon’s face, Simon said, “Just get back in the book already!”
    The demon frowned. “Like I keep telling you, I can’t leave until your request has been fulfilled.”
    “But you can! In fact, demon—”
    “The name is Sebastian, hum—”
    “I request you go back to wherever you came from and leave me alone.” Simon waited with bated breath.
    But nothing happened. The lights didn't flicker, smoke didn't billow from the book and, most importantly, the demon named Sebastian didn't disappear from Simon's study.
    Sebastian rolled his eyes. It figured he would be summoned by a newbie, he thought. Since the rules and etiquette of demon summoning would take some time to explain, Sebastian settled on the sofa. He admired the number of books in the room and nodded in approval. T
:iconwishingunderthatstar:WishingUnderThatStar 2 4
You'll be seeing a lot more of me
    Having returned from a vigorous run, Midnight noticed the large pile of crystals at the entrance of her den. She growled.
    Midnight knew who they were from, of course. Haunt, a black and red QuillDog, always left a bloodstone as his calling card. That, and the damn mutt left his scent all over them.
    Midnight met Haunt during a hunt. Or, to be more specific, Haunt had interrupted her hunt. Four full moons ago, Midnight saw a deer grazing in the distance. For the deer to brazenly enter her territory, the doe must have been sick or crazed. Just as she was ready to stalk her prey, the deer lifted its head. Spooked, the doe ran.
    Midnight cursed. She could feel her quills beginning to lie down as she gave chase. She attempted to herd the deer to the marshland, but to no avail. If the doe continued its course, it would soon leave Midnight's territory and eventually head into the grasslands. Too late, Midnight thought
:iconwishingunderthatstar:WishingUnderThatStar 3 3
Very Bad Things
    Sitting on the bookshelves, Rinku and Elkdraine looked on in wonder.
    “It glows,” Rinku breathed.
    Although Elkdraine was fascinated by the newcomer, he was concerned. “Deity Gabriela, may we have a moment?”
    Gabriela, who had been admiring her handiwork, turned with surprise. “Yes, Elkdraine?” Walking towards the bookshelf, she looked at Rinku and Elkdrain. “What’s wrong?”
    “Deity Gabriela, I would never presume to tell you what to do, but are you sure it’s wise to bring this,” Elkdraine searched for the appropriate word, “creature into the open? I understand that, up until recently, it had been banished to the attic.” From the corner of his eye, Elkdraine saw Rinku shudder.
    A couple of months ago, somehow Rinku had fallen out of Jasmine’s pocket while they were up in the attic. Rinku wou
:iconwishingunderthatstar:WishingUnderThatStar 2 5
Cold Hearted
    Clenching her fists, Susanna looked upon the man who had destroyed her life.
    The Lady, the current sovereign of the court, addressed the worm that was gagged and chained to the floor. “George Anson, you have been summoned to my court to face the number of accusations against you.”
    Susanna jerked as she heard the Lady’s voice in her head.
    “Don’t look at him. This man,” the Lady sneered, “is not worth looking at. He is beneath you. Look through him. Look around him, if you must. But never look at him.” And so Susanna did not, not even when the Lady listed the man’s crimes.     As leader of the court, the Lady was linked to every spirit. Telepathy, empathy and memory absorption were the only powers the Lady used in front of others. Nobody knew for sure how many other powers the Lady must hold. Susanna had recently received her gift,
:iconwishingunderthatstar:WishingUnderThatStar 2 5
Primal Fear
Shadows swarm,
Worlds bleed black,
Sh r i e k i ng souls

Blood stained doors whisper:
Hunts all
Consumes all
Destroys all
:iconwishingunderthatstar:WishingUnderThatStar 2 2
Sailing on Sunsets by WishingUnderThatStar Sailing on Sunsets :iconwishingunderthatstar:WishingUnderThatStar 7 3 I Stand Alone by WishingUnderThatStar I Stand Alone :iconwishingunderthatstar:WishingUnderThatStar 3 0 ** Sweet Dreams ** by WishingUnderThatStar ** Sweet Dreams ** :iconwishingunderthatstar:WishingUnderThatStar 18 3 Break Away by WishingUnderThatStar Break Away :iconwishingunderthatstar:WishingUnderThatStar 4 5
Request: The Luminary War
   A haunting screech echoed through the town. We stopped chiselling the meteorite.
   "The Lulls are here," I said.
   Paul collected our things. He rubbed his hand across his stubble. He murmured, "Then we better hurry." It may have been 2:47 PM but if Lulls were nearby, we weren't going to risk our lives. Paul asked, "Have we got enough?"
   I inspected the bag; there wasn't much inside. After a moment, I replied, "It'll do."
   "Good," he said as he lifted the rucksack. "Let's move." We left the meteor site and headed to Paul's car which was across the road. Paul and I were neighbours, back when things were normal. I used to go round his, drink a couple of beers as we watched the footie. Now Paul was a man of few words. Heck, I think anyone would be if they lost a wife and a child through the sickness.
   A couple of months ago, a meteor fell on Earth. Luckily, nobody was hurt. At first. They came from the rock, two or thr
:iconwishingunderthatstar:WishingUnderThatStar 4 5
Request: The Girl and the Dragon
   Once again, Ariana found herself unable to believe how much her life had changed within a short space of time. Earlier today, Ari had been nothing but a circus girl. Oh, she hadn't been as glamorous as an acrobat, or as talented as a lion tamer. She was nothing special like that. No, she just helped set up the tents. On occasion, she was allowed to help feed the animals under the watchful eye of Gain, the warden of the circus animals.
   Her life had been boring until she saw the dragon.
   Bored on that frosty morning, Ari was putting Gain's lessons of tracking to good use. Following Gain's prints led her to a clearing in the forest nearby. Gain, the ringmaster and three other men were talking in front of a cage.
   Having never seen a dragon before, she was unsure what the creature was at first. Gain and the ringmaster had told her stories, of course. From what they had described, dragons were large, proud creatures that had enough power to
:iconwishingunderthatstar:WishingUnderThatStar 6 3
i wonder what those three letters
on that key means?
does it mean an electronic escritoire?
or a button to eschew all of Cousin Jane’s emails?
an escutcheon to wear in battle
or a request for an escort?
to escalope spam
which has escalated lately?
or is it simply to escape
from this train of thought?
:iconwishingunderthatstar:WishingUnderThatStar 9 4
Winter Wonderland by WishingUnderThatStar Winter Wonderland :iconwishingunderthatstar:WishingUnderThatStar 0 0 Summer Sunshine by WishingUnderThatStar Summer Sunshine :iconwishingunderthatstar:WishingUnderThatStar 3 0 Shelter me by WishingUnderThatStar Shelter me :iconwishingunderthatstar:WishingUnderThatStar 4 0


                 Goodbye by APPELBOOM
                 Valentine by LinaSaks
                 I Want You To Stay by play-my-game
                 ....      ..............  .   .  ...  . .. by Frozen-photo
                 Slough of Despond by NataliaDrepina Ghosts In The Attic by TheFoxAndTheRaven                                   Melbourne by EmilySoto untitled by schnotte
                 Giant Dancer by CrazyGirL44
Untitled by eulalievarenne *** by ankazhuravleva
Per Aspera Ad Astra by RaphaelleM a day without rain by emznocedo

Hydrangea Queen by pholwises last dance with the sun by goddessAthenaieFor the summer I by DianaGrigore Spring by NataliaDrepina        
                   Constrained Dreams by Sturmideenkind


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Izzy! I'm 24 years old and I write stories and poetry. I love to read, eat chocolate and try my hand at photography and drawing.

Mainly I write fantasy and romance, although I do try other genres. I love to read fantasy, romance and horror.

My DLR's (Daily Lit Recognition)

Juggling UmbrellasJuggling umbrellas
into the streaked sky;
canopies of tangerine,
orchid white and sapphire.
Twirling handles
with broken frames.
Into the streaked sky,
I'm juggling umbrellas.
Ballerina in the Glass Music Box (FFM Day 2)    They had preserved her in a glass box.
    Her father had been due to entertain clients at the circus. Naturally, when she wished to join them, he relented. It turned out, however, that the gypsies wouldn’t allow her entry into the circus top.
    Left with a chaperone, she talked with the gypsies. Upon their first meeting, she had asked the reason how it could be the longest running circus in history. In reply, they told her the only way to find out was to join them.
    A rich girl joining a gypsy circus. It was laughable. It was an idea.
    It had been her first, and last, act of rebellion.
    The lights dimmed: her audience had arrived.
    She knew what they would be thinking. Stunned by the aerialist who used her own hair as a ribbon, they wouldn’t be impressed with a simple slip of a girl wearing a woman’s costume. This particular circus was tailored f

Life Mate    Nora had been surprised when she found out that the inhabitants of this planet didn't have some sort of marriage ceremony. Åsh had told her that once lovers accepted and claimed each other as a life mate, it was considered to be stronger than human marriage ceremonies. As they couldn't decide what to do, Nora and Åsh decided to compromise and combine the two traditions. Nora got her big family gathering and Åsh got his vows.
    "Nora Wing, citizen of New London, section 6, of planet Earth, I claim you as my life mate."
    Now it was her turn. Nora took a deep breath and hoped she wouldn't make a mistake. If she did mispronounce his name, it would be considered an insult. "Åshlichtein Bjorkona Ýepsilon Psykeria, Lord of area KX-2081 of planet Nexon Zeblir, I claim you as my life mate." She heard Gabe, an old friend and trusted member of her crew, whistle. He had been teasing Nora about claiming he
Dreams of a PirateDream, little pirate.
Dragging the past in silence,
Chasing a lost childhood.
Stranded on your ship,
Without a crew.
From the shore, caught somewhere in time,
Solace seeks a dying man.
Your last words,
Caught in a scream in the wind.

Summer fruitThe summer fruit of her kiss,
blossoms into soft red petals
and deepens the kiss with her thorns.
I prick my tongue and bleed,
showing my devotion to her.
The ripened berries burst,
rouge and orange mingling onto the pallet.
It burns like acid,
fighting for survival.
Those passionate deep lips,
fall and freeze over my skin.
She loses the spring in her step,
and her green fingers hesitates to touch soil.
Back to hibernation,
where her dreams reflect reality.
Time turns back momentarily
and the cycle begins, bringing a new year.




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