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It's mostly filled with Literature but you'll find a few photos which are practice shots so don't have high expectations.

If you are able to give me any advice or tips on how to improve on my writing then that would be lovely.
Thank you.



Dancing, Death and Dolls

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 11, 2014, 5:23 AM

                                                          Come little children ... (Scaretale) by ArTRefugiuM      

          Ghost Dancer by noxxut Dance by fibreciment
          Beautiful Flower by CindyFay Elisa Day - Urban Legend Entry by LittlePieceOfResin
                                        Death in Autumn by Valentinadhara


                                                                Where dead flowers bloom by my-bohemian-spirit

          Beautiful Death by Elentori Graveyard by Lorien077
          Death by Cinar River Spirit by cammykillerbee Unravel by AnimatedBeing
                                                                Death of a Lover by VelvetRedBullet
                                       Things Forgotten by Coughin05

                                                       Come little children ... (Scaretale) by ArTRefugiuM





Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom

I'm Izzy and for the past year or so, I've not been that active. I hope to change that and I really want to get involved in the community again.

Although I enjoy drawing, I'm not very good at it and am currently learning the basics. I wouldn't want to inflict my drawings on people so I'm not going to upload them on here. My "photography" is pretty bad, too. I've only put some photos up to give my gallery a bit of colour since it's full of literature.

I write fiction and poetry and focus on the fantasy and romance genres. I love to read fantasy, romance and horror.

My DLR's (Daily Lit Recognition)

Juggling UmbrellasJuggling umbrellas
into the streaked sky;
canopies of tangerine,
orchid white and sapphire.
Twirling handles
with broken frames.
Into the streaked sky,
I'm juggling umbrellas.
Ballerina in the Glass Music Box (FFM Day 2)    They had preserved her in a glass box.
    Her father had been due to entertain clients at the circus. Naturally, when she wished to join them, he relented. It turned out, however, that the gypsies wouldn’t allow her entry into the circus top.
    Left with a chaperone, she talked with the gypsies. Upon their first meeting, she had asked the reason how it could be the longest running circus in history. In reply, they told her the only way to find out was to join them.
    A rich girl joining a gypsy circus. It was laughable. It was an idea.
    It had been her first, and last, act of rebellion.
    The lights dimmed: her audience had arrived.
    She knew what they would be thinking. Stunned by the aerialist who used her own hair as a ribbon, they wouldn’t be impressed with a simple slip of a girl wearing a woman’s costume. This particular circus was tailored f

Life Mate    Nora had been surprised when she found out that the inhabitants of this planet didn't have some sort of marriage ceremony. Åsh had told her that once lovers accepted and claimed each other as a life mate, it was considered to be stronger than human marriage ceremonies. As they couldn't decide what to do, Nora and Åsh decided to compromise and combine the two traditions. Nora got her big family gathering and Åsh got his vows.
    "Nora Wing, citizen of New London, section 6, of planet Earth, I claim you as my life mate."
    Now it was her turn. Nora took a deep breath and hoped she wouldn't make a mistake. If she did mispronounce his name, it would be considered an insult. "Åshlichtein Bjorkona Ýepsilon Psykeria, Lord of area KX-2081 of planet Nexon Zeblir, I claim you as my life mate." She heard Gabe, an old friend and trusted member of her crew, whistle. He had been teasing Nora about claiming he
Dreams of a PirateDream, little pirate.
Dragging the past in silence,
Chasing a lost childhood.
Stranded on your ship,
Without a crew.
From the shore, caught somewhere in time,
Solace seeks a dying man.
Your last words,
Caught in a scream in the wind.

Summer fruitThe summer fruit of her kiss,
blossoms into soft red petals
and deepens the kiss with her thorns.
I prick my tongue and bleed,
showing my devotion to her.
The ripened berries burst,
rouge and orange mingling onto the pallet.
It burns like acid,
fighting for survival.
Those passionate deep lips,
fall and freeze over my skin.
She loses the spring in her step,
and her green fingers hesitates to touch soil.
Back to hibernation,
where her dreams reflect reality.
Time turns back momentarily
and the cycle begins, bringing a new year.


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